Learning Paths

Working alongside Ten to the Ninth, Learning Paths applies lean process engineering techniques to the skills development challenge.

This enables businesses to benefit from much faster (up to 30-50% faster!) development of staff, beyond competence to proficiency. When used with existing staff it enables everyone to achieve greater levels of productivity.

Coupling this with Accredited Company Training (ACT) Learning Paths can not only enhance productivity but become a recognised and robust accreditation.

More proficient and productive staff, more quickly

  • Clarity in the skills development process, so often seen as a “dark art
  • Allows your line managers to take control of the skills and development of their team
  • Demonstrates how you value your people and the importance you put in training them
  • The ability to quantify the investment you are making and the return you get
  • Supporting your goal to develop a market leading workforce

What does Learning Paths do for employees?

  • Recognition of the knowledge and skills you have
  • Support to improve performance and recognise your efforts
  • A stepping stone to the next level, or to achieve your objectives
  • Helps a new starter to make an impact and demonstrates the value an existing employee adds

What is the process?

No two organisations are identical, and Learning Paths vary in complexity, but we follow a simple, step by step process, with your team to capture the best of today’s processes and establish a faster more efficient Learning Path for the future.

Delivering a Learning Path

We will work with you to develop a project plan, and identify the Learning Paths team from among your management, staff and training specialists, that will deliver a new learning path for a particular role over a 2-3 month period. You should see benefits from “quick wins” as quickly as 6-8 weeks in!