Our range of training services are simple and high quality with every provider we work going through our rigorous accreditation process.

We currently offer, but are not limit to, the following services: 

Accreditation of Company Training (ACT) 

ACT is a suite of products developed and delivered by NSA MPS that will help you to gain recognition for the content, quality and delivery of your in-house training.

By benchmarking your training against industry skills standards and accrediting it, ACT naturally compliments all of our partnered programmes.  Find out more

Partnered Programmes

Training Providers

We only work with providers who are accredited through our quality assurance products.  You can either browse or search for a provider near you.



Working alongside our accredited providers and Proskills, we develop and facilitate apprenticeship frameworks and certification.

We believe apprenticeships can offer businesses the chance to not only improve their productivity, but also motivate young people to work in their industry.  Find out more


Do you need a tailored training product?

Our services are not limited to what you see here. Contact us to find out how we can make a tailored training product for you.