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About Us

Carpentry Academy is a not for profit resource run from our own funds to help teach the people of London and UK about carpentry, DIY, and how to get things done for themselves. We’ve become a society dependant on everyone else around us for the smaller things. We can’t even repair, or re-cord our sash windows in London. It’s got so bad we now have to hire people to prepare and decorate our joinery at extremely unaffordable prices. This website and resource is designed to help you back on your way to helping yourself.

Why do Carpentry Academy want to teach valuable skills for free?

So much money is wasted in training academies and centres that we feel there should be a basic standard of information out there for free. While you won’t get a certificate from using our website, if you follow tutorials carefully then you’ll be in a position to make some quite sensible quality work in your own home. We work closely with a few commercial brands that contribute for free to this website and have over twenty years hands on carpentry experience, sharing the same this as us, that some information and training should be out there for free.

I have a specific project but I can find the article on Carpentry Academy’s website.

If you don’t find the carpentry experience you are looking for then please feel free to drop us an email and we will add your request to the list next time we are carrying out your task, we will take a few snaps and put the information up online for you.