Everyone knows that the right kind of flooring can really make a difference to the look and feel of a property. It can brighten a room, make it seem bigger an airier – basically, its one of the most important items to consider in your home as it will form the back drop for showing off to all your worldly goods!

As wood or wood-effect flooring grows to be ever move desirable, here is our guide to choosing the right product for you and your property.

Laminate or Hardwood?

Hardwood is the more expensive choice because it has a real wood backing and a wood surface. It can be a real investment for the future as, with a little bit of care, it can be sanded down and restored to look as good as new. With due care and love, it could last for years to come.

Laminate is the cheaper alternative. It is made from synthetic materials and the surface is printed with a photograph of wood. It has a high-pressured, durable laminate surface. Laminate is not renewable, so it has a shorter usable life-span.

There are a whole range of different colours and finishes available on the market for both hardwood and laminate flooring. If you are looking for flooring for a small room, it may be wise to go for a light wood finish as it can make a space appear bigger. If you are looking for flooring for a large area, darker colours can be considered.

With both wooden and laminate flooring, you are not restricted to laying the floor in straight lines. Vertical lines will make your room look longer, and horizontal flooring can make a room appear wider, but you can help give a room real character by going for something a bit different. Parquet flooring is not longer restricted to stately homes! Other styles available are herringbone and basket weave, but to name a couple. You may wish to investigate what is available and suitable for your property.

Think of the durability of flooring you require. Halls and kitchens can take a bit of a battering when compared to bedrooms.

Ash and oak are the most durable woods, where as pine is one of the softest. If you have a pet, laminate flooring can be scratched and scuffed quite easily. Wooden floors can be sanded down to repair this, but laminates cannot be repaired.

Laminate floorings do not yellow and fade with age unlike wood floorings. However, this can be rectified with wooden flooring by waxing or polishing the wood.

With both hardwood and laminate floorings, it is worth noting that under-floor heating is absolutely fine. Both will distribute heat well and evenly.