Sash windows are visually appealing, and give a very sophisticated and glamorous look to a home or building. However, building a sash window alone is not enough. Apart from regular cleaning and maintenance, it is necessary to decorate sash windows to bring out its best.

Sash window decoration is not as daunting as it may seem. While it is easy to find professionals to help you accomplish the task of decorating sliding sash windows, you can save a minimum of £240 per window if you decide to do it all on your own. You might find it time-consuming as decorating one sash window can take up to a day and a half. Your patience and a little bit of time, maybe during weekends, will be worth it, when you see the final results.

Here are step by step instructions on how to decorate sash windows. All you need to do is to follow it step by step.

Prepare to Decorate Your Sash Windows

Make sure the area is completely dry. Start work on it only if it is not moist or damp. Cover the floors and furniture before you start. Remove anything that obstructs the windows, which could include locks, curtains, and fixings among others.

Clean your window

Clean your window

Start with Cleaning the Sash Windows and Applying Primer

Clean the sash windows well with a piece of rag. If you are using detergent to clean the area, start work only after it dries up completely. Dust the windows, and remove any grime or loose debris. Rub the frames well downward with a medium or course grit paper. Be careful not to damage the glass while doing so.

The next step is to dust the sashes properly and clean up the area. This not only ensures that you work in a clean environment, but it is also making sure that the primer that you would be applying will bond well to the timber. Priming must be applied only to the exposed timber or else any further priming will be of no use. The role of a primer is to seal any exposed timber.

Remove Any Blemishes on the Windows

Sash windows with blemishes is not aesthetically pleasing, and that does not leave a good impression if any visitor were to notice it. So, once the primer is set, spend as much time as required in removing any stains and blemishes on these windows. Blemishes or minor cracks can be filled with a caulk gun.

Once the filler is completely cured, sand the filler flush to the surface of the timber. You can use an abrasive paper to do so if you’d like.

Paint the windows

Paint the windows

Apply Undercoat on the Windows

Prime any filling so that you can seal it into the window. This will help increase the longevity of the sash windows. Once that is done, apply the first undercoat. Begin with undercoating the sill and lower sash joints in a methodical way as that is the most vulnerable part of any window. Once the undercoat is set, rub back using a light to medium paper and grit. Applying another undercoat is recommended now though not necessary. It will be worth the effort!

Apply Gloss to Decorate Sash Windows

We are almost done. Now you can apply gloss to bring life back into your sash windows. Make sure that the gloss is applied thinly and the brush strokes are even. It must be stroked in the same direction. Gloss with satin finish is a good idea as that can help enhance the overall look and decorate the windows well.

The decorations of your sash windows are now complete. Your sash windows are as good as new, and you are now free to reinstall the curtains and refit the furniture. Periodic maintenance of your sash windows along with the rest of the house or property will go a long way.