Team building training is an excellent way of maximising your productivity, while reducing your costs, getting the most out of each member of staff is a productive, and quality environment that is sure to bring success. The best team building training methods are gaining the trust of your staff, making sure staff all trust each other, and having a harmonious office wherever possible.
You can gain the trust of your staff in a number of key ways which will help team building training.

Firstly you might consider offering a weekend/weekday activity course away. We appreciate midweek courses are a drain on resources and may well be better offered as a short term thing. For a short course the cost will be reduced significantly. We can offer high intensity, team building in a short space of time that will be sure to improve your trust with the staff. Staff that trust and respect their manager are far more likely to do good work, at a higher capacity.

If the staff have an opportunity to bond outside the walls of work they will form longer, deeper relationships. Staff with quality relationships outside of work are far more likely to work and train better together. We do our best to ensure that the staff leave with a sense of camaraderie and importance toward one and other. Our techniques will involve staff catching each other, encouraging staff that each one is important and that they really have their back. These guys recognise the importance of staff development, and so do we. We use a model well known and trusted in the industry. You can take a look at their team building training model here which we do our very best to replicate. Staff development is high on their list of priorities and they are certainly market leaders that we wish to associate ourselves with.