Results from an Apprenticeship Certificates England (ACE) customer survey has shown Proskills UK provides an excellent and reliable service. Feedback was taken from the training providers who use Proskills for their apprenticeship certification process.

“The results of the survey […] has helped to establish a gold standard of very good customer service against which other sector areas will be judged.[…]The comments made by training providers also serve to reinforce the very high level of customer service provided by Proskills.”
Customer Service Certification Body Survey for Proskills UK – The Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards

Results in “speed of response to queries”, “attitude of staff” and “quality of support and advice provided”, were all rated as good or excellent by 100% of respondents. This was on average 25% higher than our competitors.

We are delighted with the survey responses which show a high level of customer service throughout all areas. We aim to provide a consistent and robust certification service. We will not only continue to strive in providing these standards but will aim for even greater levels of customer service.

“All training providers and colleges involved in the delivery of apprenticeships are constantly being urged to improve the skills and education delivery to apprentices, and we feel that that this same quality demand should apply to any supporting services such as our certification services.

”The Proskills certification team work hard to deliver a first class service and this has been reinforced by these survey results. In an ever-changing skills environment it is reassuring for our clients that we deliver our service in a confident, supportive way and to a high standard. I am very proud of our certification team and would encourage those needing high quality certification services to give us a try.”

Jonathan Ledger, Managing Director Proskills UK

If you’re interested in using our gold standard certification services, contact us today to find out how.