Since the Egyptian revolution it’s easy to understand why their job and skills market have been through a very bleak period. Stories like 21 year old Nabil Ali are common, as he struggles to earn a living with his tuktuk taxi.  Egypt’s unemployment rate currently stands at just over 13% with around 74% of that aged between 15 and 19 years old. Investment is down, jobs are scarce and the young are struggling to acquire the skills needed for work.  So how can the UK realistically assist Egypt in skills creation?

In the past many European companies have equipped the country with skills that benefit them.  So European skills for Egyptian workers creating European products.  The country now needs Egyptian skills that benefit the Egyptian people.

This is why we’re working closely with the British Council and various projects in the region to adapt proven models to their needs.  We are helping them to build their own frameworks that can withstand the rocky road ahead.

A recent project included exploring how we can create better relationships between schools and industry with a delegation from Kemt, the Egyptian chemicals skills partnership.  Through our own School into Industry programmes we understand how important it is to get young people interested in industry early and we will continue to offer guidance and advice in this area.

“We believe that every country operates in a dynamic global economy. For countries to compete successfully, their workforce must have the right skills for the jobs they are doing, and these skills must be continually updated to attract inward investment, and support indigenous businesses. We support governments, employers, trade and industry bodies, and training organisations research, plan and implement the right training solutions to drive up business performance at strategic and operational levels. We draw on the best the UK has to offer for countries to realise their potential.”

Jonathan Ledger, Managing Director of the National Skills Academy for Materials, Production & Supply

This is just the start.  We believe in the UK skills system and know that extending it out to Egypt in a way that benefits them, will in turn benefit the UK.   A stronger economy with the right vocational skills and training has the potential to drastically help the region, encouraging more investment and growth.

We are always looking for more partners to support our work in the region. If you are interested in getting involved as an employer, a training provider, or a stakeholder in the UK skills system then please contact us at 01235 432030 or info@mps-academy to find out more.