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We’ve teamed up with these five brilliant companies to bring you high quality tutorials, totally free of charge, and you can learn how to make professional work from the comfort of your own home.

They offer help and advice for free, and the only reward is the mention they get on this website for helping the community of DIY enthusiasts.

We offer high quality carpentry instruction that will allow you to make the best of your DIY projects at home. This website is loaded with dozens of useful articles and professional tips on how to make the most of woodwork and what’s more all the information is free, no subscriptions, hidden costs, or charges.

Carpentry 101

Learning to become a good carpenter at home takes patience and skill. You need a sensible eye for dangerous situations and you need to be confident and safe holding power tools. If you do not understand basic safety with power tools then a course should be taken to ensure you are capable first. Unfortunately we do not offer any safety courses, however will offer common sense safety tips within all articles.

Carpentry can be satisfying and rewarding. Making your first piece of furniture, to a simple door lining, or even simple hanging a door can be really rewarding and give you the confidence to hone your skills and improve yourself.

Why we think learning carpentry should be free.

All too often the system is overcomplicated, large corporations with many management levels. Money gets wasted at every turn. Why should this be the case. Quality tradesman imparting their wisdom for free in simple articles, on a simple forum that everyone has access to provides a genuine service to the community. Not least of all by publishing openly the methods, it offers other experienced carpenters the opportunity to pitch in with their own methods and ways of doing things. By freely publishing methods and creating an open source environment whereby anyone can publicly contribute you create a far higher quality learning experience for all concerned and all for free.

Why Carpentry Academy?

We run this website with nothing more than a thanks from those who benefit from the experience and advice offered. We believe people should be able to take control of simple jobs in the home and carpentry is the very best place to start. Carpentry is the one trade that mixes with all others, so by learning carpentry skills, you’ll pick up plenty of other interesting information along the way.

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